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Modular Homes: Modular Home Building Council

The Modular Home Building Council is leading the way in increasing awareness of the inherent quality of modular home building. Not to be confused with ‘mobile homes,’ modular homes are built to the same standards and codes of site-built homes in a fraction of the time. Use the resources below to find out why modular homes are becoming the green answer in residential building.

Modular Homes: Modular Home Building Council

  • About Modular Homes  (go to item)
    This is the place to turn if you are unfamiliar with modular homes. Let us show you the benefits of building modular.
  • Modular Home Building Council Membership  (go to item)
    Find a member to build your dream modular home. Or, view member benefits, an application, and exclusive member-only material.

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  • Modular Homes News  (go to item)
    Read through the latest news on modular homes. This section includes press releases from the Council, industry articles from major media outlets, the latest Systems Advantage e-newsletter, and more.