HELP Grant


The National Housing Endowment, in its commitment to support and invest in programs that address the ongoing needs in residential construction training, created the Homebuilding Education Leadership Program (HELP) in 2006.

Professor at Colorado State University
Tiny House Build Univeristy of Denver

The primary goals of HELP are:

  • to encourage academic institutions to provide/develop programs of study in residential construction that respond not only to current issues affecting the home building industry but also provide the tools and skill sets needed by graduates to anticipate and prepare for the future; and,
  • to increase the number of qualified college graduates to enter the residential construction industry.

For more than a decade, the HELP initiative has awarded annual grants to leading colleges and universities to help them create, expand or enhance residential construction management programs. Through a competitive application process, recipient institutions can receive a grant of up to $100,000 over a three-to-five year time period.

Success of the HELP Initiative

Since 2006, we have developed strong partnerships with 39 colleges and universities across the country, awarding over $4.1 million. The average grant amount is approximately $85,000. This investment has resulted in increased visibility of the residential construction industry and more students choosing a career in residential construction.

Your tax-deductible donation provides needed support to nurture today’s students so they will become tomorrow’s leaders in homebuilding.

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